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Staffing and Recruiting Agencies Win with Employee Referrals

Employee referral policies are common for internal recruiting teams but they can be very impactful for staffing companies and recruiting agencies. Having a scalable employee referral policy in place gives you access to a larger audience, reduces costs, and can be impactful in the quality of clients that you place. Build A Candidate Pipeline If […]

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5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Employee Referrals

With the “talent-war” heating up, businesses of all shapes and sizes are re-evaluated their recruitment processes to find ways to source the best talent and fill open positions faster. When looking for ways to boost recruitment efforts, employee referrals are usually top of the list. While businesses sophisticated enough to go through this process typically […]

ERIN Technologies Partners with Perpetual Labor Sourcing to Innovate Labor Workforce Recruiting

See the published press release here. ERIN Technologies, creator of the ERIN Smart Employee Referral Platform that helps businesses recruit through employee referrals, today announced a partnership with Perpetual Labor Sourcing, an outsourced HR and Recruiting firm that specializes in high-volume recruiting in various labor industries. The partnership is founded with the goal of bringing […]

Job Boards Are A Bust (but you already knew that)

At one-time, job boards were extremely powerful and effective. Remember the Monster.com Super Bowl Ads? Those expensive advertisements were a strong reflection of how quickly job boards were growing. However times are changing, recruitment no longer works the way it did in 2004. The once powerful job posting websites have turned into an unfiltered barrage […]

ERIN Launches New Smart Employee Referral App

See the published press release here. ERIN, a Smart Employee Referral Platform that helps businesses recruit high-quality candidates through employee referrals, today announced the launch of their mobile app, available for iOS and Android. The mobile app allows employees to receive instant alerts for jobs opened at their business, make referrals, and view automated recommended […]

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Employee Tenure: The Secret Weapon of Recruiting Success

Each year businesses review their recruitment efforts and plan for the upcoming year, budgeting accordingly. Typically there are two main factors in mind when the budget is created: how many people do we expect to replace, and how many people do we expect to add. Both of these use data points from the previous years: […]


The True Cost of Recruiting Talent

One important metric for any business, specifically with Human Resources, is time to fill open positions. HR professionals are zeroed into this metric, but often because it’s for their own performance. Why does it matter so much from a businesses’ perspective? Because it’s extremely expensive to not fill positions. Spending on recruitment is a necessary […]


On Deck: Building A Recruitment Pipeline

Recruitment has changed dramatically in the past few years. Seemingly overnight recruitment has turned into an employee’s market. This year US job openings have jumped to a record high and 34% of companies around the world report having difficulty filling positions. In this new age of recruitment, we don’t have candidates lining up at our […]


The 6-Step Guide To Improving & Measuring Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is critical for a successful business. It creates the foundation that your business is built on, helping you achieve goals related to customer support, recruitment, positive branding, and more. While it’s easy to keep your employees happy and strong early on, it becomes increasingly more difficult as your headcount grows. The good news […]