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Challenges Faced by Referral Programs in the Fortune 500

Employee referrals are an important source when looking to fill your recruiting pipeline, but how do you implement a policy across a multinational corporation? This can be a daunting task when it comes down to a variety of languages, currency, and policies.    The Challenges: Managing different policies for different countries Adapting it to the […]


Where your ATS falls short: Employee Referrals

First, consider how an Applicant Tracking System could be beneficial to your company/business. The point of an ATS is to help manage your recruiting and hiring needs. Now this might sound obvious, but your ATS is focused on tracking applicants not referrals from employees.  What does that mean for your business? Traditionally, employees aren’t considered […]

ERIN Releases First Ever Free Employee Referral Product

See the full press release here. PITTSBURGH, PA – January 20th, 2021 – ERIN, a Smart Employee Referral Platform that helps businesses recruit high-quality candidates through employee referrals, today announced the launch of ERIN Free. The free version of the employee referral software allows administrators to log referrals, track bonuses, create bonus reports, and be sent […]

Contactless Recruitment – The way of 2021

Over the past eight months the pandemic has had a significant impact on how we recruit and attract talent. Traditional hiring efforts, such as job fairs, recruiting events, and even interviews simply are not able to happen. These recruiting methods may not be possible, but recruiting still is. The good news is that even without […]


Diversity Hires Secret Weapon: Employee Referrals 

Are diversity hires a priority for your business? Diversity in the workplace can cause tension. It forces people to push themselves, think differently, and challenge their assumptions. You can’t build diverse teams without a combination of diversity and inclusion. Equal opportunities are a priority in a workplace for employees to feel regarded. However, many companies […]