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From Referred to Filled (Infographic)

ERIN combines transparency and ease of use to increase speed and engagement. The candidate journey is one that should be quick and precise. ERIN has developed a strategy to allow employees to make referrals faster. See the timeline stats that ERIN has collected in the infographic below.   Download the From Referred to Filled Infographic here. […]

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Secret Weapon for Talent Acquisition: Employee Referrals

How Employee Referrals Fit in to the Bigger Picture of Talent Acquisition: Finding top quality candidates is important for any company/business. However, it can be difficult to fill your recruiting pipeline with candidates that match the open position and end up becoming costly. Employee referrals are a great way to increase high quality candidates, minimize the […]


Virtual HR Conferences to Attend in 2021

Stuck at home? Travel may not be possible right now, but learning and growing our HR / Talent Acquisition skillsets are still possible thanks to virtual conferences. April has 4 great events for HR Professionals to continue their education, growth, and also just to make the month a little more fun!

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Networking Your Way to Referrals 

How did people network before social media? Networking and building connections are both an important part of any business. Most people recognize the importance of networking, but since the pandemic began a lot has changed. Networking is about interacting with others and creating professional or personal contacts. Traditionally, you would sign up for events in […]


Challenges Faced by Referral Programs in the Fortune 500

Employee referrals are an important source when looking to fill your recruiting pipeline, but how do you implement a policy across a multinational corporation? This can be a daunting task when it comes down to a variety of languages, currency, and policies.    The Challenges: Managing different policies for different countries Adapting it to the […]


Where your ATS falls short: Employee Referrals

First, consider how an Applicant Tracking System could be beneficial to your company/business. The point of an ATS is to help manage your recruiting and hiring needs. Now this might sound obvious, but your ATS is focused on tracking applicants not referrals from employees.  What does that mean for your business? Traditionally, employees aren’t considered […]