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Contactless Recruitment – The way of 2021

contactless recriutment

Over the past eight months the pandemic has had a significant impact on how we recruit and attract talent. Traditional hiring efforts, such as job fairs, recruiting events, and even interviews simply are not able to happen. These recruiting methods may not be possible, but recruiting still is. The good news is that even without these tactics being possible we can still use technology to help fill the talent pipeline bigger and better than ever before. 

Originally, companies and businesses have relied on job fairs to help fill their recruiting pipeline. Unfortunately the pandemic has made it difficult for in-person events to happen. Job fairs made it easy for people to seek out job opportunities and meet with employers. It was simple to visit a job fair and see the potential positions available. Job fairs also help to put a face to the application. Employers were able to meet the candidate and associate them better with an open position at their company. Job fairs were easily accessible and helped you build a team from one convenient place. 

Similar to job fairs recruiting events were a great way to meet potential candidates and fill a companies recruiting pipeline. These events helped you to engage with individuals in a specific career field connected to your company. Recruiting events helped you to build a talent pool that helped with networking and building connections. Recruiting events were also a great way to build your companies brand, make a statement on what your business is about, and discuss what goals your business had with perspective candidates. Unfortunately, in-person recruiting events haven’t been able to happen since the pandemic began.

The next step in the recruitment process would normally be in-person interviews, which has definitely taken a toll due to the looming pandemic. Interviews would begin after meeting or speaking with potential candidates from job fairs or recruitment events. In-person interviews were a great way to get a sense of what a person is like. Hiring managers could better evaluate an individual based on their appearance, non-verbal cues, and attitude. In-person interviews helped you to build trust with that person and become more comfortable with them. Meeting for an in-person interview is memorable, you get to know that person and recognize later why they stood out versus the other candidates. However, meeting for in-person interviews just hasn’t been possible since COVID-19 has rapidly spread across the world.

Due to the orders and restrictions across the country, technology has become the way of communicating. Different sites and apps like zoom have become the meeting ground for many individuals. Rather than going to an office or having an in-person interview, we jump on a call to virtually meet with a person. 

The pandemic doesn’t have to be the end of recruiting. Take advantage of the tools around you and make an extra effort to communicate in a newer way. Things like job fairs, recruiting events, and even interviews don’t have to come to an end. Technology has become the convenience of 2020 and 2021. There is no reason to leave a gap in your recruiting pipeline, when things like virtual events are possible. Look into different sites like zoom and Skype for your next virtual recruiting event. Not only are these platforms a great way to recruit and network, but they are also a great place for meetings and interviews. 

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Employee referrals are a great way to engage new talent when you are unable to recruit in person. Employee referrals are proven to bring higher quality talent with a longer tenure. The best part is that it can but 100% automated and 100% virtual, meaning you can expand your recruitment efforts without increasing overhead. ERIN is an employee referral app that gives you the mobility and convenience to make referrals from the touch of a button in less than 30 seconds. No need for in-person contact during this recruiting season thanks to ERIN. This employee referral app allows you to make one-click mobile referrals, track bonuses, manage your referrals, receive smart referral recommendations, and more. Now it’s time to take social distancing to the next level with contactless recruitment and referrals. Take advantage of the change and build your team in a new way using virtual sites like Zoom, Skype or even an employee referral software like ERIN in 2021. 

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