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The Guide to Internal Mobility

guide to internal mobility

Your Guide to Internal Mobility


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Provide Employees with Upward Movement In the Company with Internal Mobility

ERIN gives you full control to customize your internal mobility experience. Allowing you to redirect to your existing internal job board. Keeping employees in the loop on their own statuses and automatically matching them to positions that will be a good fit.

Internal Mobility AI

Help your employees progress in their careers at your company. ERIN will automatically recommend jobs that are a good fit for an employee, so they can apply with a touch of a button.

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Career Profile & Resume Parsing

Building your career profile provides the data for our Internal Mobility AI engine to match you with great positions. Employees can upload a resume to instantly populate their career profile.

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Eligibility Questions

Eligibility questions completely customize the internal mobility experience. Ask your employees required questions before they apply for positions internally.

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My Applications

Tracking Internal Mobility couldn’t be easier with My Applications. Employees can now track their own application progress using My Applications.

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