ERIN 3.0

Stuck at home? Travel may not be possible right now, but learning and growing our HR / Talent Acquisition skillsets are still possible thanks to virtual conferences. April has 4 great events for HR Professionals to continue their education, growth, and also just to make the month a little more fun!

Inbound vs. Outbound Employee Referral Programs

Most of us are familiar with the difference between inbound and outbound recruiting. In a nutshell, inbound recruiting is when the candidates come to us. On the other side is outbound recruiting which is when we go to them. Employee referral…

From Referred to Filled (Infographic)

ERIN combines transparency and ease of use to increase speed and engagement. The candidate journey is one that should be quick and precise. ERIN has developed a strategy to allow employees to make referrals faster. See the timeline stats that…

The Guide to Relaunching Your Employee Referral Program

Download the Full Guide to Relaunching Your Employee Referral Program Here.   Before covid referring a friend for a position was an easy task. We could swing by the HR or TA office to learn how employee referrals were submitted…

Employee Referral Statistics You Need to Know for 2021 (Infographic)

2020 was a unique year for talent acquisition. It shifted from being highly competitive in finding top talent to doing more with less. Trends emerged and the average referral bonus decreased. It became more about helping to find the right person…

Networking Your Way to Referrals 

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How did people network before social media? Networking and building connections are both an important part of any business. Most people recognize the importance of networking, but since the pandemic began a lot has changed. Networking is…