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Leveraging Transferable Skills that will Help You Build, Retain, and Recruit for the Future of Work was hosted by HR.com and sponsored by ERIN on May 10th, 2022.

Before the pandemic, companies were already navigating a completely new playing field for finding and retaining top talent. The talent acquisition process we once relied on to find the best employees is obsolete, and new talent acquisition tactics like automated skills tests and enhanced employer branding are becoming the norm. It’s not enough to compete, find, and secure the best talent out there before the competition does, what about the new skills needed after Covid-19? Let’s not forget the Great Resignation that everyone is talking about!

During this Fireside Chat, we invite Janie Mah, Sr. Talent Advisor/Strategist to share her insights on how transferable skills are not just nice to have, but key skills to help companies build their talent pipeline in the battle for top talent, grow and retain talent, adapt to the future of work, but also how to turn your company into a recruiting machine!

Our Guest Speaker was Janie Mah (OD/OE Consultant)

 Mike Stafiej (CEO @ ERIN) was in charge of fielding your tough questions.

Who attended? 

HR professionals responsible for recruiting, hiring, and management

What did we learn?