Internal Mobility

Provide employees with upward movement in the company at the touch of a button. ERIN gives you full control to customize your internal mobility experience. Allowing you to redirect to your existing internal job board. Keeping employees in the loop on their own statuses and automatically matching them to positions that will be a good […]

Logging in with Company Code

To Log in with Company Code Go to or download the ERIN app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Select ‘Log in with a Company Account’. Enter Company Code (provided by Admin) Select Continue.

Logging in with Google SSO

To Log in with Google SSO  Go to or download the ERIN app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Select ‘Log in with a Company Account’. Select ‘Sign in with Google‘ button. Sign in with Google Account. >  

ERIN Custom Referral Stages

Sometimes you want to give more transparency throughout the hiring process. ERIN can have up to six custom middle stages, with up to fifteen characters per stage name. The default ERIN stages are: Referred: Your candidate has been referred. They haven’t interacted with their referral yet. No Response: Your candidate didn’t respond to their referral. […]

Points and Gamification

Employees will be active in your employee referral policy and be rewarded for their participation. The Points system provides Admins flexibility to individually manage employees points in exchange for non monetary rewards.   Points can be enabled by selecting Enable Points System for the following actions within ERIN:   Use Mobile App, Social Media Share, […]

General Referrals and Notifications

                                        Sometimes, you may not have a job available that fits a candidate’s specific skills, but they might still be a great candidate. For these instances, ERIN can allow employees to make General Referrals! To enable […]

Compatible Browsers

ERIN supports most major browsers. It is compatible with the following: Google Chrome version 100.0.4896 FireFox 99.0 Safari 15.3 Opera 85.0.4341 Microsoft Edge 99.0.1150 (We do not currently support Internet Explorer) The best way to browse ERIN as an administrator is via a Private or Incognito browsing window. This can typically be accomplished by selecting […]

Earning Points

  There are several ways to earn points! Some ways can be repeated, some ways are one-time events. For example, you can get points for using the Mobile App one time, but you can earn points any time that you refer someone! Below are just a few ways to earn points: Making a referral Logging […]

Adding Employee Points

Sometimes, your employees go above and beyond but don’t do so within ERIN. If you still want to reward them for actions outside of the system, you can give them points! Just go to their employee profile and you can add or subtract points from their points total by clicking Add or Subtract after entering […]

ERIN Engagement Campaign

ERIN provides companies with easy-to-use software to increase Employee Referrals. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach for each company, our team wants to help you understand where you are and set attainable goals for the desired adoption. If you want to learn more, download our ERIN Engagement Campaign here!    

Bonuses (Admin)

All Bonuses The All Bonuses tab shows an exportable grid of all existing referral bonuses. This includes bonuses that are ineligible for payout and bonuses that are in waiting periods. This page is exportable, so you can get a .csv file listing All Bonuses at any time using the export button in the top right […]