Adding Employees and ERIN Roles

Adding Employees by Email Invitation   If you aren’t using Claim Your Account or Single Sign-On, you can always manually add employees! To add employees, go to the Employees tab and click the + in the top right corner. Here, you can choose what roles to give to employees that you want to add, and […]

ERIN Whitelabel Branding Options

ERIN can be Whitelabeled to remove ERIN Branding for a custom Employee experience. Downloading the ERIN Whitelabel Guide below will help you get started with your Whitelabel Implementation. ERIN Whitelabel Updates

Supported Languages (Employee)

ERIN supports multiple languages out of the box. The Languages include: Employees can adjust their Default Language by selecting their initials or photo on the top right side of the screen (web) or selecting the hamburger menu in the top left corner (mobile)

Using the Mobile App

ERIN’s mobile app offers all the functionality of the desktop application. You should first register and set up your account on your desktop, but once registered you can utilize ERIN’s full mobile functionality by: Downloading the app on Android or iOS. Once downloaded, allowing the app to send notifications to stay updated on the latest […]

Tiered Bonuses – Bonus Builder Feature

Your company’s referral policy may pay out earned bonuses over a series of dates once a referral is hired rather than all at once. Admins can accomplish this with our Bonus Builder feature. Simply navigate to the Bonus Builder tab and click Add Bonus. Choose a: Bonus Name Bonus Amount Owed And the days payed out from hiring You can […]

Administrator Guide: Managing Jobs, Referrals, and Bonuses

Manage Jobs Manage Jobs is the admin screen to use if you need to view all jobs laid out with each’s respective referrals and hires.  Jobs will be automatically opened and closed via your ATS integration. If you’d like to see the referrals for a particular position, simply expand one of the positions: At the […]

Form Builder

Sometimes you may want to gather more information about a candidate who has been referred. Through the Form Builder you can ask Custom Questions to details from either the Referring Employee or directly from the Candidate themself. New in ERIN 3.5, you can now create forms for Internal Mobility and General Referrals.   Navigate to […]

Message Center

The Send A Message function is exclusive to those with administrative privileges and is a perfect way to help fill either hard-to-fill or ‘hot’ jobs by sending out emails to those that are best suited to refer friends, family, etc. to these positions.   First, select which group you want to send the messages to […]


ERIN supports all major languages and currencies in our application. Administrators can set languages and currencies on their own from the settings and bonus settings page or ask ERIN customer support to apply language and currencies. Individual employees can always change their language settings at any time by hovering over their profile avatar.

GDPR and Employee Referrals

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. ERIN will not store Candidate data unless candidates opt in to share their personal data. Because of this, your referral experience may be a little different from another company’s. If […]

My Referrals

What Happens After I Make A Referral? Once a referral is made, your contact will be sent an email or text with a link that they can use to accept the referral and apply to the job. You can track your referrals at any time on the My Referrals tab. Once your candidate has clicked […]

Bonuses and Points

Tracking Your Bonuses Are you expecting a bonus for your referral? You can keep track of your referral bonuses using the My Bonuses tab. From there, you can view all of your pending bonuses and check on the status of candidates that you know were hired. Want to find out more information about your bonus? […]