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NEW YORK, NY – January 8th, 2020 – ERIN, an Employee Referral Software Platform that helps businesses engage their employees to refer candidates for open positions, today announced an update to their web and mobile app, including features that allow employees to send referrals via text messaging and to allow talent acquisition teams to manage referrals for future positions. 

The update allows employees to send a referral directly to a potential candidate via text message. The candidate can accept the referral and apply directly to the position using the business’s existing applicant tracking system. The process takes less than 20 seconds for the employee to complete, and less than 30 seconds for the candidate to complete. ERIN CEO, Mike Stafiej, commented, “In 2019 ERIN became the easiest and fastest technology available for employees to make referrals. Now at the start of 2020, these new features, including SMS referrals, have cut the time and number of steps to make and accept a referral in half – further securing our spot as the most user-friendly employee referral solution on the market. This release highlights our commitment to providing our customers with technology that makes recruitment more effective and more enjoyable for everyone involved – recruiters, employees, and candidates alike.”

The release also includes a new feature called On Deck Referrals. This feature allows talent acquisition teams to save referrals to their “On Deck” list so that they can be re-submitted to a future position, still giving the original referrer credit for the referral. On Deck Referrals also allows employees to make a general referral, providing candidate information without associating it with a specific job. On Deck Referrals enables employee referral policies to work year-round to provide top-quality candidates, providing an invaluable candidate pipeline for the business. 

Additionally, the update includes major UI improvements, the ability for the employee to fully manage the AI-Powered Smart Referral feature in the mobile app, and major user experience enhancements. A full list of the ERIN features can be seen at .

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ERIN is the easiest and most efficient way for employees to participate in their companies employee referral program. By simplifying both the management of referrals and the actual act of making referrals, businesses can engage more of their employees for referrals and spend less time doing so. The backbone of ERIN is its innovative Smart Referral technology, and when combined with its feature reach mobile app, employees can see recommended referrals for any contact in their network. ERIN Technologies, Inc. is based in New York, NY and was founded in 2018. To learn more about ERIN and how their platform helps businesses recruit, visit 


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