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ERIN 5.0

A.I. Search, No-Login Referrals, Dashboards,
& More

Launching in Q2 2024, ERIN 5.0 is designed to make finding the right job instantaneous, submitting a referral as simple as sending a text message, and delivering the success metrics you need to operate a world-class employee referral program.


No-Login +
Text Only Referrals

Employees can now submit general referrals without logging in to the web or mobile app. This can be done through text messages, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or by using your branded URL. All general referrals will be automatically added to your ATS. ERIN is the only solution that automatically applies the correct bonus when recruiters move those candidates to other requisitions.

Find Jobs INstantly

AI Powered Job Search

Employees aren't going to search and filter through thousands of jobs. ERIN's new AI Powered Job search allows them to find exactly the job they want by entering what they are looking for (ex. "nursing job that pays $40+ an hour near a major city").

The perfect match

A.I. Candidate &
Employee Matching

ERIN's Internal Mobility and Referral Network features are completely overhauled to add advanced A.I matching between jobs and candidates, and jobs and internal employees.

Our A.I. icon is a sloth... because we can.

Measure Success

Success Metrics

Referral Sourcing & Hiring Velocity

How long does it take to find the candidate you will hire for the job? How long does it take to hire that candidate? ERIN now measures Referral Sourcing Velocity & Referral Hiring Velocity.

Employee Engagement Tracking

ERIN has always given you insight into what employees are using the platform, but now we're displaying your adoption % in real-time.

Referral to Hire Ratio

Instantly see the ratio of referred candidates to referral hires. Our new dashboard stats allow you to measure your candidate funnel closer than ever!


Dynamic Dashboards

You can now add search directly to the employee dashboard. With ERIN 5.0 it's easier than ever to customize and edit the employee dashboard with more options than ever before!


Teams & Slack Integrations

Notifications and interactions will be streamlined directly to slack! Making it even easier for Slack users to use ERIN and stay in the loop on new referral and internal mobility opportunities!

...and much more!

We never stop improving our platform. ERIN 5.0 includes many minor UI updates, a faster and more responsive experience for employees, and even more settings to give you the control over the employee experience.

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Employee Referral Software is designed to automate your employee referral policy by helping you track referrals, eligibility, and bonuses.

While some platforms allow you to simply send a referral to a contact, ERIN is a full-featured platform that focuses on automating the admin experience and creating an engaging experience for the employees. ERIN accomplished this by integrating directly with your HR Tech stack and by gamifying the employee referral experience for your employees.

There are two main parts of an employee referral program: incentives and eligibility. You need to determine what incentives and bonuses you’ll pay your employees for referrals, as well as who is eligible/ineligible to earn a bonus. ERIN allows you to automate policy enforcement and administrative overhead.

ERIN eliminates the need to manually track referrals and associated bonuses and payout dates. By integrating directly with your Applicant Tracking System, you have full transparency in the process.

Our HRIS integrations allow you to automatically enforce eligibility requirements as well as make sure both the employee and the candidate are actively employed when it’s time to pay the employee referral bonus.

Businesses traditionally source 8% – 15% of their hires from employee referrals. ERIN customers source 35% – 50% of their hires from employee referrals.

Employee referrals are the gold standard for hiring. Not only do they decrease the time to fill a position, but on average, they stay with the company up to 50% longer than hires from other sources.

An employee referral is when you hire a candidate referred to your company by an existing employee. Most businesses provide financial incentives for their employees, paid out sometime after the referred candidate is hired for the position.