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Through rewards and recognition, we use the power of gamification to make the referral process more fun and engaging for your employees.

Use our employee referral platform to reward every touch point, such as participation and involvement. Not only does gamification create a better experience, but it keeps your employees engaged so that when their referral is hired, it's a rewarding experience.

How Gamification Boosts Referrals

By adding elements of competition, rewards, and recognition, we make the referral process more fun and engaging for employees, leading to increased engagement and ultimately more referrals.


Gamification motivates employees to make referrals by making the referral process more exciting and engaging. By adding elements of competition and rewards, employees are more likely to make referrals and encourage others to do the same.


Gamification also helps to increase the quality of referrals by encouraging your top employees to refer candidates who are a good fit for the organization.


Gamification helps improve employee retention by giving employees a sense of ownership and investment in the hiring process. See how Tri Star Energy improved retention through our solution.


Gamification also helps to create a sense of community among your employees, as they compete against each other and work together to achieve goals. 


ERIN x Prezzee

Users of our software platform get access to gift cards from brands like Apple, Amazon, DoorDash, Target, and more. Users receive points for each step in the referral process—meaning they are rewarded for every action they take, not just if their referral converts to a hire. They can use their points toward a gift card of their choice from Prezzee.

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Boost engagement through micro-rewards

Traditionally bonuses are paid once a referral is hired with a large sum of money. Using our point system allows employees to accumulate points for participating in talent acquisition. Sharing jobs on social media, logging in weekly, and making referrals are all ways that employees can earn points.
Gamification boosts engagement and breaks down barriers to adoption. It makes it more fun for the employees and gives them immediate rewards for smaller actions.

Reward your employees for submitting referrals, even if you don’t hire their referrals.

My Referrals screen mobile deviceWe gamify through our point system

ERIN’s point system provides you the flexibility to individually manage employees’ points in exchange for non-monetary rewards. By rewarding employee actions at the micro level, you’re able to drive overall engagement and make it fun as employees participate. 
Points can be used internally with other systems or our gift card store. Your employees’ points can be exchanged for gift cards, swag, or other items. 
The point system fuels the leaderboard functionality of our platform, encouraging friendly competition.

Activate your employees’ dopamine receptors

We utilize our Point System, Micro-Rewards, and Micro-Incentives to activate your employees’ dopamine receptors from the first moment they use our platform. This encourages usage, increases employee engagement, and boosts referrals.

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