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The Power of Employee-Powered Hiring

Our white paper about employee-powered hiring includes employee referral program examples, assessments, and benchmarks.

Drawing from diverse real-world examples, our white paper touches upon the immense potential of tapping into the existing employee network for recruitment, leading to cost-effective and faster hires, by providing employee referral program examples.

These comprehensive insights in our white paper are designed to empower your business to optimize your employee referral programs, encouraging a culture of collaborative talent sourcing and enhancing your overall recruitment efficacy.

Optimize recruitment through employee referrals

We share the power of employee-powered hiring and how it optimizes recruitment strategies.

Employee referral policy assessment

Compare your numbers against industry benchmarks. Assess your existing employee referral program policy.

Increasing diversity through employee referrals

Learn how companies have utilized employee referrals to increase and accelerate their diversity initiatives.

Employee referral program benchmarks

Assess employee referral program benchmarks through average time to hire by industry.

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Why Should Your Org Create An Employee Referral Program?

  • Reduced Time-to-Hire – Referral programs can expedite the recruitment process since the candidates come pre-vetted by existing employees.

  • Cost-Effective – Leveraging the networks of existing employees can be less expensive than relying solely on traditional recruitment methods (like job boards) or agencies. 

  • Improved Retention Rates – Studies have shown that referred employees tend to stay with companies longer than non-referred hires. According to iCIMS, referrals stayed an average of 38 months; non-referrals stayed an average of 21 months.

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