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Predict your employee referral hires with the

ERIN Employee Referral Rule of 10

The "ERIN Rule of 10" provides an organized and linear framework for understanding referral-driven recruitment outcomes.

At its core, the "ERIN Rule of 10" is a simple, yet powerful framework. Here’s how it breaks down:

10 Candidates Referred: Begin with 10 referrals made by your employees. This serves as your starting point or benchmark.

8 Accept their Referral: Out of the 10 initially referred, 8 typically show interest and accept the referral. This means they're genuinely interested in exploring opportunities at your organization.

6 Complete their Job Application: Further narrowing down the funnel, 6 out of those 8 candidates will take the time and effort to fill out and submit their job application. This showcases an even deeper level of intent and interest.

1 Is Hired: After going through interviews and evaluations, 1 out of those 6 applicants will finally be selected and onboarded.

The "ERIN Rule of 10" isn’t just a formula—it’s a paradigm shift in how businesses approach referral hiring. It emphasizes the value of each individual referral and the power of leveraging employee networks. With the ERIN platform's ability to streamline and predict referral outcomes, organizations have a valuable tool in their arsenal to stay ahead in the talent game.

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