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What’s New with ERIN


Welcome to our latest update on the ERIN platform! We are excited to share some significant enhancements that are designed to streamline the referral process and provide a more customized experience for both admins and employees. Here’s what’s new:

Profile Control

We understand the importance of maintaining consistent and accurate employee profiles. To ensure this, we have introduced a new feature that allows administrators to lock specific fields on employee profiles, providing greater control over what information can be edited.

Custom Pages

Engaging and educating your employees is now easier with our new feature that allows you to create up to three custom pages. These can be used to detail your company’s referral program or to highlight opportunities for internal mobility, keeping your team well-informed and engaged.

View Toggle

Adjustments to the employee’s view on the ERIN platform are now more straightforward. With our new ‘View Toggle’ feature, administrators can seamlessly switch between ‘Admin View’ and ‘Employee View’, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Enhanced Permissions

Our revamped manager permissions matrix offers refined access control. This enhancement allows you to precisely determine who has visibility and editing rights, ensuring that sensitive information is well-protected and accessible only to the right people.

Report Builder

Customizing reports is now at your fingertips with our new Report Builder. Tailor your Referrals, Employees, and Bonus Reports by selecting specific fields, renaming them as per your preference, and setting desired delivery frequencies.

Stay Informed with Job Preference Alerts

Empower your employees by enabling them to set up job referral preferences directly from their dashboard. This feature ensures that they never miss an opportunity to refer potential candidates who match their set preferences.

Discover More with Advanced Filtering

We are introducing ‘Created Date’ and ‘Minimum Pay Rate’ filters to elevate your referral experience. These new additions will allow your employees to make more precise and relevant referrals.

Effortless Searching with Saved Searches

Referring candidates has never been easier. Employees can now save up to 5 referral searches on the platform, allowing them to make quick and efficient referrals whenever the opportunity arises.

Until Next Update

We are committed to continuously improving and adding features to the ERIN platform to make the referral process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

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