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Employee Referral & Internal Mobility SOFTWARE platform

Unlock Employee-powered Hiring with ERIN

ERIN's employee referral and internal mobility software platform increases employee referral hires for non-desk and corporate employees by 5x and decreases turnover by 50%.

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Streamlining EMPLOYEE referrals and mobility for over


in over 100 countries

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Employee Referral software

Activate the Rockstar Recruiter in Every Employee

ERIN is an employee referral software platform that automates referral management to engage employees to make more employee referrals. With ERIN, employees can track their employee referrals, track bonuses, rewards, earn points for activity and share referral links on social media seamlessly.

30-Second Referrals

Make employee referrals in under 30 seconds via email, text, or social share, and instantly track referrals and bonuses.

Grow Internal Talent

Internal mobility grows talent internally by matching employees with the next step in their careers.

ATS Integrated

ERIN integrates with your existing ATS and HRIS to fully automate employee referral administration.


Reward employees with daily points and prizes for referrals, run bonus campaigns, and boost engagement.
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The #1 Employee Referral Platform

See why ERIN is the most effective employee referral software on the market.

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Internal Mobility PLATFORM

Develop Top Talent from Within

Help your employees progress in their careers at your company with a fully customized internal mobility experience. From AI that suggests jobs to career profiles and eligibility screenings — we’ll help you engage, retain, and grow the people you have.

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How to Not #$!% Up Employee Referrals

Through real-world case studies, data points, and actionable tactics, this book will show you how to transform your employee referral program into a leading source of hires.

Client Success

See What People Are Saying About ERIN

Watch our video to see how ERIN puts employee referral policies to work. We deliver an increase in new referral hires while simultaneously reducing turnover.

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ERIN is an Employee Referral Software Platform for web/mobile, designed to boost employee referral hires, and automate the employee referral process.

While some employee referral platforms allow you to simply send a referral to a contact, ERIN is a full-featured platform that focuses on automating the admin experience by creating an engaging experience for the employees. Moreover, ERIN accomplishes this by integrating directly with your HR tech stack and by gamifying the employee referral software experience.

There are two main parts of an employee referral program: incentives and eligibility. First, you will need to determine what incentives and bonuses you’ll pay your employees for referrals, as well as who is eligible/ineligible to earn an employee referral bonus.

Finally, ERIN allows you to automate policy enforcement and administrative overhead.

ERIN eliminates the need to manually track employee referrals and associated bonuses and payout dates. We integrate directly with your Applicant Tracking System and track the status of every referral.

Furthermore, our HRIS integrations allow you to automatically enforce eligibility requirements, as well as make sure both the employee and the referral are actively employed when it’s time to pay the employee referral bonus.

Employee referrals are the gold standard for hiring. Not only do they decrease the time to fill a position, but on average, employee referral hires stay up to 50% longer with the company than hires from other sources.

There are two main feature categories to focus on when selecting an employee referral software platform: automation and engagement. 

Additionally, every single part of your employee referral policy should be automated, even eligibility, payouts, and outlier scenarios such as moving a candidate. 

Lastly, the employee referral platform doesn’t create an engaging experience for your employees, you’ll never increase the number of employee referrals. 

Ready To Unleash Employee-powered Hiring?

Let us show you how to transform your employee referral and internal mobility experience with the power of your people.