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Challenges Faced by Referral Programs in the Fortune 500

referral program challenges

Employee referrals are an important source when looking to fill your recruiting pipeline, but how do you implement a policy across a multinational corporation? This can be a daunting task when it comes down to a variety of languages, currency, and policies. 


The Challenges:

  • Managing different policies for different countries
  • Adapting it to the scale of your business
  • Making 5000+ job postings less overwhelming for referrers 
  • Overhead and management of a successful program


Policy Management 

The policy for your business is already created, but it can be a major headache to keep it consistent. This can lead to difficulty when it comes to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Leaders across your organization can develop different interpretations of the policy, leading to complaints and confusion from employees and management. The lack of consistency can lead to frustration across the board. The key to managing your policy is avoiding common issues like inconsistent bonus structure, varying timelines for payout, unclear eligibility requirements, and frequent exceptions to the formal policy. 


Job Management 

How long does it take to make a referral? Making a referral shouldn’t be a time consuming process. No one wants to take time out of their busy schedule to search through every open job in a global organization just to refer a person for a position. Consider the length of time it takes when your employees are making a referral. The longer it takes for an employee to refer someone, the less likely they are to make a referral in the future. The referral process should prioritize speed and efficiency while also maintaining quality. When it comes to the referral process aim to be as straightforward as possible. 


Managing Overhead 

Overhead management is the key to a successful program, but without it your referral tracking can fall short. Let’s do a little math. Say your program is off to a strong start then all of the sudden you have 10% of your employees making referrals. Administrators are tracking bonuses on a spreadsheet with more than 10,000 employees in that company. This ends up becoming 1000+ line items on a spreadsheet. Not to mention this becomes a full time job for someone to keep track of. As your referral program grows the more tedious the data entry becomes, unless you are able to automate the process from the beginning. Thanks to automation your talent acquisition team won’t have to spend extra time maintaining spreadsheets and manually tracking bonuses when they could’ve been filling roles. 


Still using a spreadsheet to track referrals?

Don’t worry, there are solutions like ERIN that help to automate your policy and still drive results. On average, customers who switch to ERIN see a 90-100% reduction in overhead, while also boosting referrals by at least 20%. ERIN’s automation works hard, so you don’t have to. 

Have companies in different countries? ERIN is designed for multi-country deployments, supporting over 15 different languages, every currency around the world, and text referrals in every country code. Not to mention ERIN is GDPR and CCPA compliant, allowing you to comply with local regulations even if your business spans across multiple countries. 

ERIN creates a fully automated admin experience. Don’t change how you’re working, let your ATS update your referrals automatically. ERIN allows you to browse jobs, submit referrals, track bonuses and much more. Referrals are automatically updated in ERIN as they progress in your ATS. Your recruiters can easily track referrals for the positions they manage and employees can easily track their bonuses. Plus, referrals take less than 30 seconds to make. 

ERIN creates an automated, bi-lingual, geographically segmented enterprise program that encourages diversity and drives engagement. Consider these things when selecting an employee referral software that best fits your business. 


Written By: Zak Wehman

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