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ERIN Wins 2024 HR Tech Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory

ERIN, the recipient of the prestigious 2024 HR Tech Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory, has been acknowledged as the ‘Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution’ in the Talent Acquisition category. This recognition is a testament to the unique problem-solving capabilities of our platform, which includes enhancing customer satisfaction and overall company evaluation.

“For over a decade, research has shown that employee referrals deliver high-quality candidates. Yet many companies struggle to operationalize that process, often taking a more ad hoc approach,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “ERIN is a solution that helps employers automate employee referrals and create more predictable hiring pipelines. One client sees an average of 13,000 referrals a month over two years, which is simply incredible.”

Lighthouse recognized that implementing an effective employee referral program like ERIN can significantly enhance the ROI of recruitment efforts. By reducing recruitment and turnover costs, companies can achieve a more efficient, cost-effective hiring process and foster a more stable and engaged workforce.

Lighthouse Research & Advisory is a modern, independent analyst firm dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in talent, learning, and HR through practical research and a hands-on approach. By providing compelling research and actionable insights, the team enables HR, learning, and talent leaders to deliver more value to the business. 

Read more about ERIN’s recent award win here

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