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HR Conferences and Trade Shows You Need to Attend in 2022

hr conferences 2022

Best HR Events to Attend in 2022

In-person events are making a return! Over the past year, conferences have mainly been virtual, but finally, we are starting to see in-person events make a comeback. It is finally time to add face-to-face events back to your calendars. Don’t miss out on these in-person HR Conferences that you need to attend in 2022.

HR West 2022

When:  March 8 – 9, 2022

Let’s gather in Oakland at HR West in March, 2022 to celebrate our emerging from the darkness into a new, but lighter, paradigm. Your market needs your services and partnerships more than ever. Join us to drive HR forward, drive your business forward, and to help drive the future of HR.

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Unleash America 2022

When:  March 29-30, 2022

UNLEASH America is filled with inspirational stories on the Future of Work and Technology that champion HR excellence and disruption. Since 2011, UNLEASH has become the global destination and industry standard that drives progress in Human Resources, Learning and Recruitment. UNLEASH is a nod to the struggles we have all faced during the pandemic and an acknowledgement of hope that lies ahead. People and organizations need to believe in ideas and desire change, before they can deliver it. Inspired, inspirational, inspiring are the watchwords of an UNLEASH experience.

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SHRM Talent 2022

When:  April 10-13 , 2022

The way we attract, engage and retain top talent is evolving. At the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo, you’ll gain the tools you need to take your strategies, processes, and policies to the next level.

As a workplace leader, your actions –big and small–have a ripple effect. You empower others, change lives, and drive productivity and value for your organization. You are the cause to that effect. Join fellow talent professionals to shape the future of talent management and build better workplaces for all.

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Empower HR Tech Americas 2022

When:  May 10-11, 2022

Empower HR Tech Americas is brought to you by, successfully delivering events to our industry for 37+ years. There are multiple benefits to exhibiting, and your best business opportunities will come from the right exposure. Talk to our vast network of HR Professionals, providing your trusted solutions face-to-face. Be there for any questions, build rapport and sign new business deals.

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SHRM Annual Conference

When:  June 12-15, 2022

You made a huge impact on your career and in the world of HR by attending SHRM21. Keep it going. Keep learning. Keep making a difference. Join us at SHRM22 in New Orleans June 12 – 15.

It promises to be the world’s largest convening of HR professionals. It’s your chance to cause the effect you want to see in the workplace and in the world of work.

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TA Week

When:  July 19-23, 2022

TA Week brings sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies together to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience.

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HR Tech

When:  September 13-16, 2022

Don’t miss HR Tech in Las Vegas for their internationally recognized on-site event, the world’s leading and longest-running HR technology conference featuring the largest HR technology expo, and in between join us from anywhere in the world at our convenient and interactive online event!

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