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Free Employee Referral Program Flyers & Posters

employee referral program flyers

Thank you for checking out our free employee referral program posters. We have a number of free employee referral program flyers for you to download.

What’s in the free kit:

Downloadable content

We have 13 flyers and posters in both PDF and PNG formats for you to use.

Strong call to actions

Our flyers/posters include strong call-to-actions to encourage employees to check out your employee referral program.


Feel free to add your own logo onto the posters/flyers to customize them to suit your needs.

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Download our free employee referral flyers

Download our free employee referral program flyers and posters to share with employees at your company. Posters are a great way to generate employee awareness and help communicate your program's benefits.

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Why Should Your Org Use Employee Referral Program Posters?

  • Visibility and Awareness –  Posters placed in high-traffic areas ensure that employees are constantly reminded of the referral program, ensuring it stays top of mind.

  • Increased Participation –  With continuous exposure to referral program details, employees are more likely to participate actively, given the visual nudge and the simplicity of understanding the program.

  • Cost-Effective Promotion – Compared to digital marketing campaigns or more expensive promotional activities, posters are a cost-effective way to promote the program internally.

  • Instant Accessibility – Posters can provide essential details at a glance, such as incentives for referrals, key contacts, and submission processes, allowing employees to access information instantly without having to log into a portal or request details.

  • Increased Engagement –  Creative and attractive posters can generate buzz and discussion among employees, leading to increased engagement and enthusiasm about the referral program.

  • Reinforcement of Benefits – Posters can be used to highlight the benefits of successful referrals, both for the company (quality hires, reduced recruitment costs) and for the employees (financial rewards, improved team dynamics).

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