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Your next best hire is already a part of your organization. ERIN lets you provide employees with upward movement in the company at the touch of a button.

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Engaging Internal Talent Is Now Ridiculously Easy

Internal mobility programs aren’t effective if your people find it difficult to engage with. ERIN is built to sustain internal candidate engagement and motivate them to grow their careers with you.

Full Customization
Fully control and customize your internal mobility experience and integrate with your existing internal job board.
Instant Match for Recruiters
Recruiters can immediately see if what internal employees match an open position and invite them to apply with a single click.
Career Profiles Simplified
ERIN makes it easy for employees to upload their resume to automatically build their career profile. From there, our Internal Mobility AI engine.
Skill Visibility
Employees can see what skills they have that make them a good fit for a position and also see what skills they are missing.

Transform How You Think About Internal Mobility

See why ERIN is the most effective employee referral software on the market and how we’re innovating internal mobility solutions.

Unlock Employee-powered Hiring

A Platform Your People Will Love To Use

Everything about ERIN exists to make the internal mobility process easier. Fill positions quickly, increase retention, and help the talent you have grow within your organization with a solution that’s simple and seamless.


Drive employee and candidate engagement with a 4.7/5 rated app that sustains participation in hiring through the power of simplicity and gamification.


Effortlessly mobilizes your employees to grow their careers internally, with real-time communication and AI-powered job matching.


From managing policies and bonuses to managing internal candidate eligibility, we eliminate administrative headaches.


Use our dashboards and analytics to see where your internal mobility efforts are paying off andareas of opportunity.

Unlock Employee-powered Hiring

More Employee Growth. Less Paperwork.

Completely Hands-free

Automatically create jobs directly from your applicant tracking system and automatically import employee data from your HRIS.

AI Job Matching

ERIN will automatically recommend jobs that are a good fit for an employee, so they can apply with a touch of a button.

Notifications & Tracking

Employees can easily track the status of their application through the hiring journey.

White labeling

Your Branding in The App Store

With ERIN, you have the power to co-brand your web and mobile app to match your company. That includes everything from emails to referral screens. Enterprise customers can even fully brand the mobile app to release it under their business name, with a custom URL, email address, and more.

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Your Next Great Hire Is Already On Your Team

See how ERIN and employee-powered hiring can help you innovate and elevate your employee referral and internal mobility recruiting experience.

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Internal mobility is when an employee moves from one role in the organization to another within the same organization. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a promotion, though. In many cases, internal mobility is a lateral move for career development.

An internal mobility program is an intentional set of processes or technologies that encourages the internal movement of employees within the organization. It can be as simple as encouraging employees to apply for open jobs, a career development path for reskilling, or a platform that encourages employees to refer coworkers to roles that might be a good fit for their skills.

An internal mobility strategy is a way for organizations to engage and retain key talent. Instead of developing employees and having the only option for their career as either up or out, an internal mobility strategy gives employees and leaders more options to retain key skills and knowledge.

There are a few different types of internal mobility options. They include the most traditional types, such as promotions or department transfers, as well as different opportunities, such as project-based roles, rotation assignments, reskilling or upskilling, or temporary assignments.

Internal mobility is critical for a few reasons. Employees are looking for opportunities to grow and there aren’t as many promotion paths as there are internal mobility opportunities. Internal mobility gives employees the ability to explore new options without leaving the organization. A company is able to retain valuable skills and company-specific knowledge while also engaging employees for longer periods of time.

Most organizations manage internal mobility using some type of talent management system. Unfortunately, quite a few of these systems aren’t really built for effectively identifying and managing internal mobility candidates. Leaders in HR, learning, and talent acquisition must work together to identify opportunities for internal mobility.

Internal mobility can be increased by driving more awareness about open positions as well as having policies in place that encourage employees to move internally if they want something different from their careers. Solutions like ERIN can help proactively communicate openings for internal candidates and identify employees who can help fill your needs with very little effort from talent management teams.