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Employee Referrals for Retail

Revolutionize your retail hiring process with our employee referral software. See why thousands of users in the retail industry rely on ERIN to empower their teams to refer top talent.

ERIN can improve retention rates and foster a culture of loyalty within the retail industry. Empower your team to refer top talent with our software solution.

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

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ERIN for the retail industry

Let your problems be our problems

Finding the right talent in the retail industry is crucial to business success. ERIN streamlines recruitment, allowing you to find high-quality candidates faster, reduce time-to-hire, and lower recruitment costs.

With our software, you can also enhance diversity, improve employee engagement, and retain top talent, resulting in a stronger and more competitive retail workforce.

High Turnover

The retail industry has one of the highest turnover rates. Organizations that use ERIN have seen a reduction in turnover by up to 50%. Retain new hires with our robust solution.


Our solution is web and mobile-app-friendly so you can engage mobile employees easily! Need multi-company support? We check that box too.

Seasonal Hires

Our platform allows you to launch bonus campaigns targeting seasonal hires, which can be a challenge for many organizations.

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How ERIN impacts hiring for the retail industry‚Äč

ERIN leads to faster hiring and lower recruitment costs

Referred candidates have a shorter onboarding process and require less training. Our solution makes it easy for your workforce to remain engaged while also encouraging them to make more referrals for your org.

42 Days

The average job position takes 42 days to fill (according to SHRM).

21 Days

With ERIN, it takes organizations only 21 days to fill a position.

Job Board Costs

It can cost companies over $3,000 monthly for 20 job posts.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Our competitive pricing will produce a more engaged workforce that stays employed at your company longer. Check out our pricing here.

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Employee referrals: The secret weapon in your employer branding arsenal

Our web and mobile apps can be customized to fit your company's brand.

How We Help

ERIN can help enhance your company's branding by turning your employees into brand ambassadors and creating a positive buzz around your company culture.

Commitment to Growth

Our solution can help you to create a strong employer brand that encourages your top performers to refer top talent.

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Increase your hiring efficiency

Our solution is easy-to-use and top-rated


By reducing the costs of hiring through employee referrals, your org can streamline its recruitment processes, making them more efficient.


Our solution is top-rated for ease of use amongst users of our platform.

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ERIN turns employees into retention champions

Our platform helps create a more engaged workforce, leading to higher retention rates and boosting ROI.


Referral hires are 40% more likely to be retained after one year than non-referral hires.


82% of employees rate employee referrals above all other sourcing options to yield the best ROI.

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Our platform helps reduce turnover rates

Referral candidates are more likely to stay with the company for a longer period of time

Losing Talent?

Our platform makes it easy for your employees to refer their friends and colleagues for open positions within the company, increasing engagement and retention rates.

Losing Productivity?

Our solution has helped companies reduce employee turnover and improve productivity worldwide.

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Check out our blog post

How to Reduce Retail Turnover

The turnover rate in 2023 is 60%

Now, we know employee turnover will always be unavoidable, but the rise in numbers we are seeing is a cry for help on how to better manage the lifecycle of an employee.

Check out our blog post for insights and advice on how to tackle turnover in the retail industry.

See how ERIN can help retail companies reduce time-to-hire and recruitment costs

Let us show you how to transform your employee referral and internal mobility experience with employee-powered hiring.