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The Gamechanger? Employee-powered Hiring.

You already know employee referral hires stay longer and perform better. What you need is a platform built for the way your people actually work that activates them to proactively participate while removing your administrative headaches. That’s what ERIN was made for.

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A Platform Your Team Will Love to Use

Everything about ERIN is built to proactively drive employee engagement. We know what makes employees and candidates get involved and stay involved.

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30-Second Referrals

Our mobile app removes every participation barrier. Employees can make a referral in less than 30-seconds, with the touch of a button.

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Gamification & Rewards

Recognize employees’ participation with daily points and incentivize them with prizes.

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Internal Communications

Keep employees in the loop with our robust internal messaging center that automates emails, updates open jobs, promote company policies, and more.

The ERIN Experience

We engage, activate, and elevate the entire employee referral experience.

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More Referrals. Less Paperwork.

Notify. Connect. Motivate.

Your employees are activated to participate with automatic job notifications. Then we keep them in the loop with automatic updates about progress and rewards.

Focus on People, Not Processes

Our fully automated processes and hands-on approach to customer success takes work off your team, allowing them to focus on the people, not the process.

No More Chasing Down Anything

No more tracking bonuses, chasing down referrers, or manually splitting incentives between multiple parties. You don’t have the time and your employees don’t deserve to wait.

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“I love the visibility and transparency of the dashboard where our people are always empowered to make great referrals and remain very aware of all the great career transformation opportunities we have to offer. ERIN App. has been a great step forward for us as an organization.”

Andrew N. Minda V, SHRM-SCP | Director, Talent Acquisition

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