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HR Conferences to Attend with ERIN in 2021

hr conferences erin 2021

ERIN is taking on Vegas! Don’t miss ERIN at the SHRM Talent Conference, SHRM Annual Conference, and HR Tech Conference. See first hand how ERIN is the easiest and most effective employee referral software.

SHRM Talent Conference

When:  Aug 22 – 25 , 2021

At the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo, you’ll gain the support you need now more than ever to reimagine your strategies, processes and policies.  Talent professionals will gather in Las Vegas, NV and online to support and shape the future of talent management and build better workplaces for all. Most importantly, don’t miss ERIN!

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SHRM Annual Conference

When:  Sep 9  – 12, 2021

Join thousands of HR professionals, executives, people managers, and students  together in Las Vegas, NV, and online to build workplaces where employees and employers thrive—even during these ever-changing times.

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HR Tech Conference

When:  Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2021

HR Tech will deliver another unrivaled cutting-edge agenda that will benefit HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes, all industries and across the globe! With a primary focus on driving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize usage of current HR systems as well as those looking to buy. It’s where you’ll gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs now and in the future.

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