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How to Not #$!% Up Employee Referrals

Our book about creating an employee referral policy brings together high-impact tactics, data points, and advice from some of the most ambitious and innovative talent acquisition leaders.

With this book, you’ll have everything you need to launch a highly successful program at scale. Here are some key items we cover in our book:

Employee referral program business case

We dig into the ROI of employee referral programs and how to get buy-in from leadership.

Employee referral policies and strategies

Discover the key parts of every employee referral policy, as well as actionable tactics to make your employee referral program strategy triumph.

Benchmarks and statistics

Learn how you can measure the success of your program and where your org performs against others.

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Why Should Your Org Create An Employee Referral Policy?

  • Clear Expectations – With a clear employee referral policy in place, employees understand what’s expected of them when referring candidates and what they can expect in return.

  • Recognition & Rewards – Your employee referral policy can delineate the rewards structure, ensuring that employees feel recognized and valued for their referrals.

  • Employee Engagement –  Encouraging referrals through a structured policy can increase employee engagement, as employees feel more involved in the growth and success of the company.

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