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How Tri Star Energy Increased Employee Referrals by 633%



Tri Star Energy is a retail business based in Tennessee that provides dependable fuel services and top-quality convenience stores. Since 2000, Tri Star Energy has upheld its reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy company that focuses on its three-part philosophy of customer care, integrity, and being remarkable.


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Results from ERIN

Tri Star Energy saw a huge boost in referral hires through the ERIN platform. Since onboarding, they have increased employee retention, decreased recruitment costs (mainly related to job board fees) all while increasing employee engagement and reducing cost-to-hire.

6 Months with ERIN:

447% Increase

Total Users on ERIN: 560

633% Increase

Total Referrals: 488

261% Increase

Hired: 227

The Problem

Like many retail businesses, Tri Star Energy faced the challenge of employee retention and the issue of manually tracking employee referrals, which was a time-consuming and inefficient process. They needed a more affordable and streamlined solution that would automate the referral process and eliminate the need for manual tracking. Before implementing ERIN, Tri Star Energy had employees fill out a form and HR had to enter the information into their backend system to process it. They wanted a platform that was easy to use, accurate, and could grow with them.

The Process

Tri Star Energy onboarded ERIN to help them solve their employee referral needs, while also looking for a platform that could grow with them. Their tech stack included Jobvite and Paylocity. They implemented more touchpoints, such as ensuring new hires claimed their ERIN account and utilizing ERIN’s email templates to boost their referrals. They also utilized marketing efforts like posters, stickers, magnets with QR codes, and employee recognition via large checks posted on social media to increase adoption numbers.

Onboarding the platform

To boost adoption of the ERIN platform, Tri Star Energy implemented touchpoints and utilized ERIN’s email templates.

Main issues they find in the retail space

The main issue Tri Star Energy faces in the retail space is retention. Before ERIN, the average employee stayed for 30 days. With ERIN, their employees stay 6+ months.

Where did they start their search for an employee referral software solution?

They started their search for an employee referral software solution on Google, G2, and using Study Groups.

Fears before buying

Tri Star Energy’s main concerns before buying ERIN were affordability, adoption, and how to create ERIN advocates. However, ERIN’s affordability minimized the risk of financial backlash, and they successfully increased adoption by implementing more touchpoints and utilizing ERIN’s email templates.

“We needed a robust referral program that would help us hire more people who are high performers in the organization more effectively and ERIN has really helped us with that”

Robert Dinwiddie

Manager, Talent Acquisition