The New Talent War was hosted by and sponsored by ERIN on June 26th, 2020.

Your budget just got cut, your team isn’t fully staffed, and you need to hire specialized positions. How will you adapt to ensure not only that you are recruiting top talent, but that you aren’t leaving behind previously deemed high priority items such as diversity hires? These are difficult situations we’re going to dive into with our special guest panelists. 

Webinars can be boring, but real-time engaging conversations have the ability to produce new ideas and realizations that can be taken back to your organization and used strategically to overcome challenging tasks. We’ve thrown out the scripted webinar and are ready to discuss the tough topics out loud. Our panelists have a range of experience in talent acquisition from industry-leading companies such as Yahoo, Uber, Target, Instacart, Salesforce, Apple, Targe, and more. They will cover a range of tough topics, including:

Our special guest panel will include Kelli Dragovich (CPO @ Looker within Cloud at Google), Jennifer Rettig (Head of Recruiting @ Looker), Michael Case (Senior Partner @ RocketPower), Tracie Brack (Talent Acquisition Consultant), and fielding your questions will be Mike Stafiej (CEO @ ERIN). 

Who attended? 

Talent Acquisition Leaders, Managers, and Associates, as well as HR generalists and CHROs that currently have a focus on recruitment and adopting new technologies. 

What did we learn?