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PITTSBURGH, PA – March 30th, 2022 –


ERIN Technologies, Inc. (ERIN), a leading Employee Referral Platform, today announced it is expanding its operations into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), naming Tessa James as the Managing Director of EMEA. The move signals the organization’s commitment to providing the best employee referral experience to employees around the world. 


ERIN’s operational expansion into the EMEA region will provide its existing EMEA customers with higher levels of real-time service, and provide new customers with local account management. With the expansion, ERIN will also be launching a Europe-based data center in 2022 to further satisfy the compliance needs of its current and future customers. “By expanding the team and the infrastructure of ERIN into the EMEA region, we can ensure that all of our international customers, big and small, will have a great and secure experience using our platform,” said CEO Mike Stafiej. “We’re very excited to work with Tess as she leads the charge on the next phase of our international strategy”. 


As Managing Director Tess will be a driving force in ERIN’s EMEA expansion. Tess has been innovating in the Talent Acquisition space for almost 20 years, with experience across multiple industries and in numerous transformation and change management leadership roles. Recently, Tess has overseen Talent Acquisition globally for a Fortune 500 company and has provided consulting focused on talent-centric solutions.


Tessa James, Managing Director of ERIN EMEA, said “Erin supports organizations in three critical areas – to source top talent, mobilize internal talent and raise brand awareness. Organizations that focus today on these levers as core to their talent strategy will be the organizations of tomorrow. Across my career, in both consulting and leadership positions, I have witnessed first-hand the power of referrals – for hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers. Erin brings this power to organizations in a cost-effective, simple, automated, integrated technology that is easy to implement and easy to adopt. For these reasons, and more, I am thrilled to join the Erin team and to drive its growth across the EMEA region.”


Joining Tess to drive growth across the EMEA Region are Tom Murphy, Sales Executive ERIN EMEA, and Leon Randall, Sales Development ERIN EMEA. ERIN plans to continue to expand the EMEA team. 


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ERIN Technologies, Inc. is a leading employee referral platform that supports over 1.5 million employees making referrals in over 29 different countries. ERIN’s platform enables businesses to completely automate employee referrals and provides an engaging experience allowing employees to make referrals in less than 30-seconds using the mobile app or web browser. ERIN is based in Pittsburgh, PA and was founded in 2019. To learn more about ERIN and how their platform helps businesses boost referral hires, visit


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