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Employee Referrals for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face intense competition for top talent and struggle to find qualified candidates. ERIN helps the largest healthcare companies in the world tap into their existing workforce's networks to identify and attract high-quality candidates, resulting in better hires, reduced recruitment costs, and improved employee engagement.

ERIN Boosts Healthcare Recruitment

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Recruiting for the healthcare industry

See the Impact of Employee-powered Hiring

Watch our video to see how ERIN helps healthcare providers boost their referral programs to increase employee retention.

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The #1 Employee Referral Platform for Healthcare

Healthcare talent acquisition and HR managers worldwide know that employee referrals are the gold standard for fueling your workforce. In our healthcare data sheet, we share ERIN's impact when it comes to healthcare recruitment.

See how we're decreasing turnover, hiring faster, and improving retention for our healthcare customers.

Erin Healthcare Workers

Let your problems be our problems

Healthcare's Changing Environment

By leveraging ERIN, healthcare companies can tap into their existing workforce's networks to identify and attract high-quality candidates, resulting in better hires, reduced recruitment costs, and improved employee engagement.

Hire More Caregivers

Leverage your existing nurse and caregiver community to fill your open roles

Rising Costs

Our solution helps mitigate the high costs associated with staff shortages

Reduce Time to Hire

It takes an average of 39 days to fill a position, but with ERIN, it takes only 21 days

Lack of Visibility

Harness data to your advantage with our in-depth reporting analytics

How ERIN impacts hiring for healthcare

ERIN leads to faster hiring and lower recruitment costs

Referred candidates have a shorter onboarding process and require less training. Our solution makes it easy for your workforce to remain engaged while also encouraging them to make more referrals for your org.

42 Days

The average job position takes 42 days to fill (according to SHRM).

21 Days

With ERIN, it takes organizations only 21 days to fill a position.

Job Board Costs

It can cost companies over $3,000 monthly for 20 job posts.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Our competitive pricing will produce a more engaged workforce that stays employed at your company longer. Check out our pricing here.

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Boost patient care

By using ERIN, healthcare companies can ensure that they are bringing on staff who share the company’s values and commitment to quality patient care.

Increased Diversity

ERIN can help healthcare companies increase diversity within their workforce. Learn how we do this by booking a demo.

Lower Turnover Rates

By improving the quality of hires and increasing employee engagement, ERIN can help reduce turnover rates. This ensures that patients receive consistent, high-quality care from knowledgeable and experienced healthcare team members.

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ERIN turns employees into retention champions

Our platform helps create a more engaged workforce, leading to higher retention rates and boosting ROI.


Referral hires are 40% more likely to be retained after one year than non-referral hires.


82% of employees rate employee referrals above all other sourcing options to yield the best ROI.

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Increase your hiring efficiency

Our solution is easy-to-use and top-rated


By reducing the costs of hiring through employee referrals, your org can streamline its recruitment processes, making them more efficient.


Our solution is top-rated for ease of use amongst users of our platform.

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Activate The Recruiting Power of Your People

Let us show you how to transform your healthcare organization's employee referral and internal mobility experience with employee-powered hiring.