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Engage your top talent to refer top talent from their networks. Boost your referral hire rate by over 5x with our streamlined approach.


Realtime Bonus & Referral Tracking for Employees

Referral communications should not be a black hole for employees. ERIN provides full transparency every step of the way.

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30-Second Referrals

Our mobile app removes every participation barrier. Employees can make a referral in less than 30-seconds, with the touch of a button.

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Gamification & Rewards

Recognize employees’ participation with daily points and incentivize them with prizes.

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Internal Communications

Keep employees in the loop with our robust internal messaging center that automates emails, updates open jobs, promote company policies, and more.

Automated New Job Alerts

Schedule automated alerts for your employees to keep them up to date with new jobs at their location, in their department, or company-wide.

Bonus Campaigns

Temporarily boost bonuses for specific jobs to source more referrals and to market hard-to-fill jobs to your employees for faster results.

Message Center

Message employees or candidates at scale with email and push notifications to promote jobs and other communications.

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Hot Jobs

Need to promote a specific job? Hot jobs feature your job listing at the top of the page. This lets you highlight specific jobs you want employees to see first.


ERIN is your talent acquisition portal for employees. You can add announcements to feed to the homepage and alert employees via email or push notifications.

Custom Pages

Add custom items to the menu with completely customizable content to share any resources or information with your employees.

Fully Branded Experience

We can provide a fully white-labeled experience, including a fully branded mobile app and custom URL. Candidate and employee experience can also branded for the company that the job is for.

Multi-Company Branding

With Multi-Company Branding, you can organize jobs and employees by brand and restrict eligibility of bonuses by brand (e.g. ERIN employees can only earn bonuses for ERIN jobs).

Live Chat Support

We will act as your Tier 1 support team, giving your employees real-time answers, and keeping them informed and engaged every step of the way.

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Automated Emails & Push Notifications

Stay in the loop and eliminate manual work with automatic emails that are shared during every stage of the employee referral process.

Get automated referrals for your contacts! Add them from your phone, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Automated integration messages make the process easier and eliminate extra work.

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ERIN App Gamification

Improve engagement through gamification

Learn How We Gamify

Employees can earn points for actions such as logging in, sending referrals, sharing on social media, and more! By rewarding employee actions at the micro level, you can drive overall engagement and make it fun for employees to participate.

Employee Referral & Internal Mobility Platform

Our employee referral and internal mobility software platform delivers the hiring results you’ve always wanted, increasing employee referral hires by 5x and decreasing turnover by 50%

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g2 best relationship spring 2023
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“I love the visibility and transparency of the dashboard where our people are always empowered to make great referrals and remain very aware of all the great career transformation opportunities we have to offer. ERIN has been a great step forward for us as an organization.”

Andrew N. Minda V, SHRM-SCP | Director, Talent Acquisition

Boost Employee Engagement Through Referrals

Let us show you how to transform your employee referral and internal mobility experience using our intuitive platform.