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Referral Network

ERIN’s Referral Network is an add-on to our platform that allows your employees to invite their contacts to request to be referred to positions at your company.

Employees can easily invite their contacts to the referral network by importing their email or phone contacts. Once accepted, these contacts can browse your open jobs and request referrals from the employees that they are connected with.

ERIN Referral Network

Engage candidates to request referrals.

Expand Your Recruiting Reach

The ERIN Referral Network focuses on engaging the candidates directly to help streamline referrals even more for your employees. Employees can invite contacts to their network, allowing them to request referrals from the employees that added them.

Let Candidates Track Their Own Referrals

Anytime a referral is made, ERIN will automatically invite the candidate to create an account to track the status of their referral and allow you to show them other positions they may be interested in.

AI Candidate and Job Matching

Candidates can upload their resumes to automatically match them with open positions at your company. ERIN will alert the candidate when they match open positions so they can request a referral, and will also alert the employee when a match is made so they can submit a one-click referral.

Easy for Employees, Secure for Everyone

The ERIN Referral Network allows contacts to be invited by importing your email contacts, uploading your mobile contacts, or copying and sending a link to your contacts. The best part is that the Referral Network is 100% private – we never expose connections or contacts without asking the employee first.

Let's Talk

Let's talk about how to transform your employee referral and internal mobility experience — with absolutely seamless integration and our Referral Network add-on.